I’m blogging

Me? Blogging? Since when?

Well, hypothetical reader, since you hypothetically asked, since now. Since just this very moment. But don’t act so surprised. Really, the only thing odd about the fact that I’m blogging is that until now, I hadn’t been. The real question then is why now? Why wasn’t I blogging when I visited London and Paris to conduct research for my debut novel? Why didn’t I blog when I was writing for Sins of a Dark Age? Why start now when in the past two weeks I’ve been too busy to actually get any work done on my writing?

To be entirely honest, I don’t know the answer to that question. I suppose, in a way, I’m blogging because I want to be accountable to my readers. My hypothetical readers. They (and if you’re reading this, then by they I mean you) are hypothetical, because to have readers, you need to have written something. And I have. It’s just not ready yet. It needs to be revised. And in order for me to get revisions done, I need to have this handy little thing that I like to call “free time.”

Free time? What’s that?

It may seem contradictory to speak about a lack of free time, when, after all, this blog didn’t just write itself. I’ve taken precious time out of my day to start blogging. Rather than complaining about not having time to write, I could have been actually writing. But then again, perhaps not.

Because the truth is, free time is not the only prerequisite to productivity. You may be surprised to learn that writers, among other human beings, are notorious procrastinators. We require inspiration, motivation, and above all, caffeination.

It is my hope that talking about writing and interacting with those aforementioned hypothetical readers will help provide some amount of motivation. At the very least, it should help me get in the habit of putting words on paper without the added pressure of calling it “writing.” After all, this isn’t writing…it’s blogging.

So, be on the lookout, faithful reader, for upcoming posts. I’ll be blogging about writing, reading, and all things steampunk. Heck, I might even post pictures of my cats! Hmm…I guess I’ll need to acquire some cats.